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"All you need for finding your Zen, sold at a price that you can align with."


Zen Clearance was created as a passion project to help people like myself and my partner, find a single place to go for all our needs. We are passionate about staying in a state of flow and we use yoga and meditation to escape from the busy lives we so often find ourselves living in.



Our store gives you access to products that we have personally sourced and believe could help you achieve a more balanced lifestyle. We want to help you create an environment that you feel you don't need to escape from.


We will make it our mission to keep you updated with the best products that we personally use in our everyday lives and help you find the products that are right for you.


Consider this a community of like minded people helping each other find their flow. Please feel free to contact us regarding any issues or feedback.
Let us know if you have any suggestions for products you'd like to see in our store. Much love and many blessings always.


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